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This is where new information will be added if there are any changes or additions to Bobcat.

Bobcat is currently in its seventh release (0.7) as of Nov 3rd 1998. Here is the change.log for version differences. Gopher and ftp were commented out and are now handled as externals. I am hoping this will help internal memory slightly. The source should no compile easily for anyone with Borland C so please, if you know how to improve memory use in a dos program, step right up!

The files are available at ..http://www.fdisk.com/doslynx/bobcats/. The Bobcat ..readme.txt is available for people who are looking for more information. ..bcat-e07.exe is a self extracting archive of the exe package. If you just want to run Bobcat then you only need the exe package. ..bcat-s07.zip is the source code for 0.7. This source finally has all the long file names taken out so it should build easily for others. If you get the source you will also want the exe to get all the supporting files for the exe you make. I would appreciate it if people would keep the naming convention when mirroring the files.

Here is the ..GNU Public Licence which is the main licence agreement for Bobcat.

There is an ftp mirror of the Bobcat executable package at ftp://leb.net/pub/blinux/lynx/bobcat/.

Old src and exe packages are in the ..old directory.

The entire source tree is currently in the zipfile -- everything you need to get it to compile (except Borland C++ 3.1). FYI, Pdcurses2.2 has been modified slightly to reverse the effects of it's unix #ifdef handling so that it could integrate with the Lynx code.

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