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Welcome to my DosLynx Page. Specifically, this page is about the version of DosLynx which has been modified, enhanced and bug infected by me. If you don't know anything about DosLynx, then you should read the old DosLynx Readme to learn more or check out the official home page. All of my efforts have been towards extending DosLynx so new documentation is VERY sparce.

Loooking for the latest? Check Fred Macall's site. He has taken it even further.

I would recommend that people looking for a browser choose something other than doslynx. It doesn't support forms and has a number of unresolved bugs. There are a number of browsers listed on my DOS Internet page.

I have hacked DosLynx in versions above 0.8a. They contain some attempts to fix old bugs as well as ones that have surfaced due to newer HTML standards. I have also started trying to make it more accepting of bad HTML code which is EVERYWHERE. Lastly, I have made many enhancements that make things a little prettier.

Please be advised that this is STILL alpha software, which means it is known to crash computers when something goes wrong. If you elect to use this software, you do so at your own risk. If you do use DosLynx 0.9a or above, I would like to receive feedback on bugs or missing features. Send your comments to lynx-help@wsb.champlain.edu and please be as specific as possible when documenting bugs.

I have a simple changelog that tells what I have attempted to do, and what things I know don't work or are buggy.

The newer versions of DosLynx also come with some modified files. If you already have an older version (0.8a or below), please unzip the new one in a different place and set it up from scratch. Some features may not work with your old doslynx.cfg.

DosLynx still has no forms support. I do have something that will help a little for the forms-impaired. The following is a short list of sites with work with DosLynx's simple search feature. When you go, just press F7 for the search dialog.

Here are some cute historical postings. They are from Garrett announcing the various versions of DosLynx.

I have enhanced DosLynx for my own personal enjoyment. It will never be as good as the Unix version of Lynx, but at least it is better than nothing. Do not flame me for bugs or missing features. I did not create the original code. I am just releasing my changes to the general public in hopes that it will help some other Dos User. I have made every attempt to keep it compatable with the lowest IBM-Compatable computer so that the greatest number of people can benefit and I will continue to do so as long as I play with the code.


First off we have a DOSLYNX PPP distribution (modified 11-7-96). This Package containing Doslynx and PPP has been assembled by John Lewis (VE3LGS) lewis@king.igs.net for the benefit of all It may be only distributed without charge. Here is the whole package: DLYNXPPP.ZIP. Here is the short howto which you should look at before attempting to set this up: HOWTOUSE.TXT.

Next, we have the newest version of just DosLynx:

I have decided to not put source up for each release. If you want the current source, just ask and I will provide it free of charge in about a week. The reason is that I plan on having a new EXE up here every week or two for little enhancements and cleaning up the source for uploading is a pain in the butt. If I stop playing with the source, or I come to a signifigant revision then I will clean up the source and put it here. Otherwise, just ask. I thought about having patches, but I am not sure if they work real well in DOS. If someone is planning on REALLY working with DosLynx, then please contact me to discuss codeswapping (and tell me how :-) so we can have the best possable DosLynx.

Here is the source code for 0.9a, an updated source.txt on how to get it built yourself, the exe and its supporting files: SRC_09A.ZIP

Here is the source code for 0.14a, an updated source.txt on how to get it built yourself, the exe and its supporting files: SRC_14A.ZIP. It is a little fat because I added the TV libs compiled for overlaying, but then I realized that your copy of C will want to re-compile anyhow. If you really can use these libs tell me and I will leave them in for future src packets.

Here is the source for .16a: SRC_16A.ZIP

Finally, here are a couple last minute tips on running DosLynx:

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