DosLynx Changes starting from version 0.8a Known problems: (all from original 0.8a) * Loading a local file that has no extention tries to resave it immediately. And Don't try to resave a locally loaded page with Alt-S since things become nasty. * Window bug. Don't open more then 10 windows! * Formatting tags aren't nestable. We can still get a passable view in most cases. * No Lynx ISMAP 0,0 support. * No reload * No forms support * Fake < problem. (< rather than <) * URL in the window top bar sometimes looses the last char. Changes from DosLynx 0.8a to 0.9a * Added
* Fixed the formatting problem (David Godshall) * Changed developer mail to and added myself to the "about" page * Added   support * Altered the
tag (70 char wide and solid instead of 35/dashes) * Added an '*' to the beginning of LI's (too bad it doesn't recurse...) * Hacked htnews.c to exit sanely from a 411 (no such news group) and added "bad news group" as a possible reason to error.htm * Added smtphost configuration variable for future mailto: feature * Added sendto variable to mailDeveloper() for future mailto: feature and changed menu call * Added mailto: to the command line, the File->Open command and the anchor selector. Poorly done, but I don't know any better * Added © (@) and " (") * Set html.c to ignore tabs in html. Doesn't seem to break formatting * Found some bug in gridtext.cpp. Commented out the (currently) useless form code. Keeps Lynx from crashing--good for now. * Removed support for nested anchors. Not only was this support *ILLEGAL* but there are also a TON of pages out there with missing 's that would trip it. * Removed default from the Mail form's "send" button (to reduce *oops* messages!) and changed the look a tiny bit. * Added new menu item under "Window": Alt-N Next Window (Alternate between Message and HTML) * Added new keystrokes to existing menu options: Alt-P Print Rendering Alt-U Show URL Alt-M Show Message Window Alt-A Add current to Hotlist * Added more illegal *sigh* formatting to make doslynx show prettier output. Maybe this just is not worth it. * Found that I had to double the tcp timeout at work to get doslynx to work properly (Set to 40). I am pretty sure the Linux Masq stuff is what makes my home connection so great. * Changed version return to be "Lynx/0.9a (DosLynx)" to take advantage of sites enhanced for Lynx! * Ignore support for to keep from crashing or displaying crap. * Added ® as an asteric (*) Changes from DosLynx 0.9a to 0.10a * Maybe fixed & problem, or at least curbed it. * Changed Accept: string to *.* for the heck of it. * Start form was being passed a null variable from html to gridtext. Think this was the cause of the form crash in gridtext. Gridtext form code uncommented again--m a y b e I can work on form support now? * Added code to ignore * Redirects working? * Expanded view URL box (try Disney! Phew) * Found another form bug. Same deal--causes a gridtext function to barf. I am getting tired of that. Commented out until a fix is found. Changes from DosLynx 0.10a to 0.11a * Better hack to fix thoughtless HTML coders forgetting their 's for both name and href tags. * Virtual host support (Host: host:port) for standard as well as proxy (as long as proxy is defigned as * Tweaked buffer size for stream and compiled for speed (exe +15k) A little more resource hog, but should be faster. We will work on size. * Implemented "Add Link to HotList (Alt-T)" except it asks you if you want to name it the title of the parent page. Oh well, better than nuttin! * Implemented "Download Selection (Alt-D)" allowing you to save whatever is behind the highlighted link directly to disk. Only for html (not gopher...) * Implemented "Save Source (Alt-S)" allowing you to redownload the current page to disk as html. Only for html * If you want to see the html of the current page, save it as *.txt and then load it locally--you get to see the codes! * Tweaked the news code to blanket cover all 4xx responces as news errors (was hanging on "no such article") * Added in bits of the news code from Lynx2.5FM to recognise and create anchors for normal URL's and ignore mail addresses (because they look too much like news articles). Don't get too excited about other stuff being this easy...besides, our html.c is 35,459 and Lynx2.5FM's is 162,694 *yikes* * Fooling around in the gopher src from 2.5FM (just for kicks after the success with news) and was directed to the fact that DosLynx can finger! You can use gopher to ask for the text. the syntax is: gopher:// The 0 is important. I also found that putting an "s" instead of a "0" allowed me to search for a user on an AIX box! * Quick hack: created the "Z" command to say DosLynx is a Mozilla compatable when it requests the URL. Not sure how this command will evolve in the future. * Removed bottom scroll bar from the view window--it wasn't active anyhow and I am working on inserting the current URL there. * Maybe other stuff that I have forgotten at the moment since my changelog took a BIG header during a nasty GPF. Changes from DosLynx 0.11a to 0.12a * BIG! Fixed local port allocation. DosLynx was always setting the local port to 512. This hung some servers (for me) like yahoo. This should help a lot of weirdness! * Put back in the bottom scroll bar for now (since I don't know how to write to the frame) Maybe we can make wide
's someday.
* Made the title into the current URL and put the title as the first
	thing inside the document.  Maybe I should reverse that...
* Made the mailer send X-mailer:  and converted static 
	references to look at the version variables instead.
* Made the about box also show the version variables.  Now I only
	have to change one thing to change the version number.
* Small cheat to make (sortof) nested 
  • 's semi-pretty...maybe ;-) Changes from DosLynx 0.12a to 0.13a * Fixed bugs in the title and LI support I added. 12A pulled (OOPS!) * Working on semi-pretty support for tables. Not tables support, but support to make tables pages less ugly. Not bad except when people cut up lines * Fixed stupid bug in redirect (man, last week must have really been a brainless one for me *sigh*) * client side imagemap support thrown together. * Tried to create a better system for colapsable newlines and spaces. Sites used for testing "interesting" html: Changes from DosLynx 0.13a to 0.14a * Changed Send Mail window so that the To: field is editable and created a menu option. These features are not fixed in stone as currently implemented (suggestions welcome). You need to tab down from the To: field so it doesn't get erased. * Tried changing local port to be above 2000 to fix the hanging server problem per a user suggestion. Didn't work. Changed rolling local port loop to use existing MIN_TCP_PORT and MAX_TCP_PORT variables (1024-5999). * Erick Engelke (creator of WATTCP) fixed my problem with certain servers hanging by pointing out the obvious, . Keep the MSS low in doslynx.cfg! Somewhere between 512 and 128. * Sneaky hack to allow access to last hotlist link... * Evil hack to show real server errors for "document not found" Try * Just a little more formatting tweaking. Fixed bug in HTML_TD. * Little adjustment to try and make last link on page accessable with keyboard. Relies on which hotlink.htm doesn't have, but most web pages should. * Added SGML entity parsing to ALT="" tags (©...) * Added support to end anchors as a result of table elements * Added ability to leave off http:// in the Open URL window (F3) * Changed TITLE code to ignore (may need to add ignore for " " \n \r \l later) * Fixed sgml(html?) comment handling (I hope :) to deal with current use in html. * Added   and   Made those and   hard spaces. I think they should collapse for our text browser... * Fixed locked scrollbar after download using the same hack as resize. Has the annoying habbit of flashing the message window at you (so does resize). * Added ability to select any frame url's found in a document * Fixed the big heap corruption bug I was looking for that happened sometime after a network timeout! (DosLynx beta ?!) Changes from DosLynx 0.14a to 0.15a * Fixed bug in mailer (oops) * Added entity support to title. * Reversed comment handling fix. It was more desirable to see garbage than to not see some pages or part of pages. * Added emdash, endash, mdash, ndash. * Added /U (Unclutter) which shows only tcp activity and message window (with different rules). This is related to /B. * Fixed death bug in news module. * Reformatted news output for new HTML formatting. * Fixed news "stuff." Articles were being referenced by int's which only go up to 32768. They go MUCH higher. * Worked on Reload...failed :-( Changes from DosLynx 0.15a to 0.16a * Fixed problem with trailing slash on ftp urls. * Added Connecting message to the mail function so people are aware that something really is happening. * Added (for now) code to ignore * Worked on space problem in the search function. Ignore the fact that the message window still shows "search1 search2" because it should be right in the internal history ("search1+search2"). * Fixed oops in redirect. * Fixed problem with missing trailing slash on root http urls. * Added code to deal with missing anchor end quotes