Bobcat licence

The pieces of code that Bobcat is based on all have their own licence agreements and my arrangement of them should in no way revoke any of their individual licences. On top of that, the Bobcat program itself and my contributing code is copyright 1997 Wayne Buttles to be distributed freely and without charge in source and executable form.

The program can be modified and repackaged, but it must continue to be free except for nominal copying charges. Part of this "restriction" is placed on Bobcat by the original Lynx licence on which much of the code is based.

Bobcat comes with no warranty of fitness for any purpose. By using this software you are agreeing to take responsibility for any adverse consequences.

Portions copyrighted by:
(c)1996,1997 Wayne Buttles (The Bobcat entity)
..(c)GNU General Public License (Lynx base code)
(c)1990,1991,1992 Ralf Brown (SPAWNO v4.10)
(c)1990,1991,1992,1993 Erick Engelke and others (WATTCP)
Other copyrights held for the PDcurses, WATTCP and WWWLIB
libraries can be found in the source distribution.

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