DosLynx Beta Hype

Garrett Blythe (
22 Mar 94 11:15:28 CST

Just to inform those of you looking for a DOS client for WWW, your wait is
not far from over.

DosLynx is a DOS text based WWW client.
The minimum system requirments are:
	Chip:		8086
	Monitor:	Mono, B&W, or Color
	Mouse:		Optional
	Network:	Packet Drivers supported.
			This includes SLIP.
DosLynx is currently made with:
	Compiler:	Borland C++ v3.1
	Librairies:	CERN's WWW
			Borland's TurboVision
			Erick Engelke's Waterloo TCP
0.1 Beta release will be made in April.  As in beta, I mean that I am
releasing DosLynx as a type of feedback tool to help me further implement
the product in a way seen fit by the users and, of course, for user bug

I will post relevant information for anonymous ftp retrieval to this newgroup
on the day of availability.  DosLynx will be free software.

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